Our Services

At Executive Property Management, we are pleased to offer the most comprehensive services in our local market. Call us to discuss our expertise in the following areas:

Property Management

We specialize in income-producing commercial property management, with services that include the approval of expenditures, handling collections, coordinating risk management, overseeing maintenance, tenant and bookkeeping functions, and all other phases of commercial property management.

General Maintenance & Repairs

We employ an in-house staff with the skills to handle a wide variety of maintenance and repair issues in areas such as HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, painting and general maintenance. If the need arises for a local contractor, we have a trusted list of licensed, insured vendors in all areas of building repair that provide us with excellent service at special negotiated rates below retail prices. Our goal is always to offer property owners the most economical way to keep their properties in top condition.

Construction Management

When implementing tenant improvements or build-outs, upgrading common areas or developing raw land into an income-producing property, our team is equipped to plan, coordinate, construct and manage your project from start to finish.

Leasing & Vendor Relations

With over 775,938 square feet of office and retail space in our current inventory, leasing and management is a major component of our business. Based on open communication not only with clients, but with tenants as well, we achieve low turnover rates and high satisfaction in the properties we manage.


We provide accurate and efficient bookkeeping using the latest available software. This allows us to make excellent decisions for property owners and supply easy-to-understand financial reports that include cash flow, budgets, balance sheets, and profit-and-loss statements. We currently provide accounting services to more than 50 companies using a fail-safe backup and security system that ensures record safety and confidentiality.

Excellence and Committment

Established in 1999, Executive Property Management Group has kept our clients and tenants worry free when it comes to maintenance, management and occupancy. Our long-time standing in the community of Sarasota allows access to an excellent, high quality and committed array of maintenance professionals.